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This is my first blog post evar (well, outside of stupid social networking sites)! About a week ago I was trying to solve a code related problem at j0rb and realized that I could be writing blog posts about the problems and solutions I encounter. It seems more and more I'm finding the answers that I'm looking for in blogs. Often, however, I stumble across poorly written blogs that only partially answer questions or contain errors. I generally enjoy writing and try to be meticulous so hopefully I'll be able to bring some value to the "blogosphere" (I use that term loosely).

To introduce myself, I'm a computer programmer from Ontario, Canada. I live very near to the Michigan, USA border. I predominantly work with Microsoft-based Web technologies at j0rb, but I prefer free/libre/open source and text-based user interfaces! In my spare time, I play lots of video games and experiment with various software development concepts (platforms, languages, APIs, etc.).

I have self-diagnosed obsessive-compulsive personality disorder; which is just how I like to say that I try to be a perfectionist. ;) I'm obviously not infallible so I won't claim to never make mistakes. "Grammar Nazis" are welcome here. If you spot a mistake in my spelling or grammar I would appreciate if you'd point it out (try not to go overboard though). Also, I tend to edit posts a lot on forums (to correct mistakes) so expect the same behavior here.