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New Counter-Strike Spray!

I can haz "hugz"?

This is my new Counter-Strike spray (with a lot of help from "allefant"). Players are able to spray their own images on the map surfaces while in-game. It's common to see jokes, as well as more "explicit" images. Some players choose to personalize them as well. Many players seem to only spray their spray after defeating somebody, sort of as a way to rub it in. For me, spraying my spray is part of my routine. My beginning-of-round routine basically consists of spraying my spray at my feet, followed by saying "Affirmative!" / "Roger that!" or "Sector clear!" on the team "radio", and rapidly switching back and forth between my gun and knife (sort of a warm-up routine).

Since most won't get the caption, I'll try to explain it. I predominantly play the gun-game mod, and knifing is my preference. The object of the game is to "level-up" by getting kills, but you can steal other people's levels by knifing them. So a "hug" from me in-game means I was holding a knife when I did it, and you lost a level. You are usually left with either humiliation or frustration (or a smile). xD

The name "FreeFall" was actually inspired by an Evanescence song, "Weight of the World". They are my favorite band and I was listening to The Open Door while trying to think of a handle. Unsurprisingly, most people think of "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty when they see my name, and many attempt to sing the chorus in-game as a joke (sometimes to mock me). xD

Amazingly, the first person to ever ask me about my name actually asked if it was from a song. I said yes, but probably not the song he was thinking of. To my amazement, he actually named Evanescence! I was amazed that somebody else would randomly get the reference. I don't think it has happened since. ^^

The "--beer" and "--music" bits were originally meant to resemble command line options, and were flags to indicate that I was drinking (so my general abilities might be compromised) or listening to music (so at least my hearing is compromised), respectively. Most people call me "Beer" instead of "FreeFall" though (some have even called me "Free Beer") so I often don't bother to remove the "flags" when they don't apply. They've basically become part of my name.

I'd really like to post some YouTube videos of me playing, but I've been pretty unsuccessful in actually turning demos into video. I'm also a n00b when it comes to video authoring so I'm not sure how to edit out the boring parts. Maybe eventually... Another challenge is actually recording demos that are worth posting. ^^ I've had a few, but often I don't think to record until /after/ I've done something noteworthy. I digress...

I've been playing Counter-Strike: Source for about 5 years now, I think. Until now I don't think I've changed my spray since I first created it. My original spray was a drawing of an angel girl that I ripped from a tattoo artist's Web site. If I had the artistic ability I would have removed or crippled one of the wings in reference to Sephiroth from FFVII, but alas I do not. I often use FFVII: Advent Children graphics for avatars as well (I think my Steam one still is).

Maybe someday I'll preach about the honorable way to play Counter-Strike. :) For now, you'll just have to enjoy my spray.

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